Enrolling at our school


​​​​​​Enrolment into Year 7 2024


Enrolment documents for 2024 will become available from 9.00 am Friday 12 May via the school website.  

Parents are required to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) for all prospective students in 2024.

The Principal will present Learning @ AC presentations in  XPAC at Open Day on Wednesday, 17 May.  Bookings for this presentation will be available through Trybooking link from 7.00 am Wednesday 19 April 2023    Please be advised that we are only accepting applications  at Open Day from those who have booked into a Learning @ AC presentation (XPAC).  School staff will be at the door to accept your  applications as you enter.


Please be reassured that the wait list for students applying as an Out of Catchment will be compiled based on the time you accessed Trybooking to book into the session rather than whether you attend the first, second or third session. We encourage prospective parents to ensure that the application is completed carefully and any supporting documentation is gathered and provided at the time of lodging. Your application will be checked after Open Day and you will be emailed if we require further information to complete.
EOI applications may be emailed from 9.00 am Thursday, 18 May.  Any applications received via email from this date from students residing outside of the catchment area, will be added onto the Out of Catchment wait list following those who presented their documentation in person at Open Day.

If you would like further information, please contact James Sayers, Head of Department Junior Secondary via email at

The AC Torch Program

The AC TORCH Program is an exciting project-based learning course available to our 2024 Year 7s. This program is by-application only. Students who apply will be invited to an observation afternoon at our school in Term 4 and successful candidates will be notified by mail shortly thereafter. We look forward to exciting times ahead with our new enrichment program – the AC TORCH PROGRAM.

The Arts Excellence Program Auditions

Acceptance to the Arts Excellence Program is based on each student's performance. Students wishing to take part in the selection process for the Arts Excellence Program are required to do face to face auditions (COVID permitting).

  • Monday 5 June - Drama
  • Tuesday 6 June - Dance
  • Wednesday 7 June – Music
  • Thursday 8 June – Visual Art

Media Arts Excellence Program Auditions

Acceptance to the Media Arts Excellence Program is based on each student's submitted application. Students entering Year 7 wishing to take part in the selection process for Media Arts must submit the application.

  • Friday 9 June 2023

Football Excellence Program Selection Procedure

Selection trials are held during Term 2 for Year 6 primary school students.  The trials comprise of small sided games and core skill exercises. Students entering the school at an older age may also trial for the program and should advise the school at time of enrolment.

  • Monday 5 June

  • Monday 12 June

A place on the program is subject to the students' levels of behaviour and effort; and is reviewed on a semester basis.

Once a completed EOI and supporting documentation is received by the school, it is dated and signed.

The EOI asks for the following documents:

  1. A copy of the child's most recent school report
  2. 2 x proof of student's principal place of residence (as listed above for Local Catchment)
  3. Copy of birth certificate (and if applicable: passport, visa, or citizenship)  
  4. Excellence application form/s – if applying

Please note: Applications must be fully completed and include all documents. Applications which are incomplete will not be accepted for processing and will only be stamped and dated as received, when complete. Original documents will be sighted at the enrolment interview. Please do not send original documents with the EOI application.

For students applying to one of the Excellence Programs, the EOI to the school may be submitted first and the Excellence application can be submitted later by the due date on the form, once completed by a Nominator.

Process after submitting the EOI

The EOI and supporting documents will be reviewed by the EMP committee and successful applicants will be sent a successful enrolment letter, enrolment application form and other documents required for enrolment. Parents will also be supplied with instructions on how to book an interview with a member of the school Leadership Team. These interviews are scheduled across a number of weeks and are undertaken in groups of enrolling students and their parents and take approximately 45 minutes. It is important that both the parent / carer and student have read the Curriculum and Enrolment Handbook before attending this interview as all three parties (Student, Parent and School Representative) will be signing an enrolment agreement at the conclusion of the interview. Once signed, the enrolment is complete.

General Information about Albany Creek State High School Enrolment

See the ACSHS Enrolment Management Plan for more information.

Local Catchment Area

A school's local catchment area is the defined geographical area from which the school is to have its core intake of students.

Albany Creek State High School operates under an equidistant catchment area.

The school's catchment map is available to be viewed at either the school's administration building or online.

For more information about our school excellence programs follow the link to Excellence Programs. 

Last reviewed 15 June 2023
Last updated 07 June 2023